Woodland Garden, Mill Hill

A woodland garden. A canopy shaded one side, whilst the other side of this sweeping garden was bathed in sunshine for most of the day. The clients asked Julian Tatlock Landscape and Garden Design to design a garden that enhanced the woodland, whilst making the most of the sun.

This was to be a garden that their friends and young children could enjoy and that would be free flowering throughout the year.

From the outset we felt it was important to create a natural flow through the entire garden. This would allow the clients to move seamlessly from one area to another.

Woodland Garden Mill Hill
Woodland Garden, Mill Hill Julian Tatlock

The sloping ground was leveled and retaining oak walls built to create a stunning terraced garden.

Steps were built to lead to the upper level, where a large sandstone sphere gently bubbled with water, its shape echoing the circular lawn below.

The shaded woodland area was opened up with paths running playfully around trees and past new dens. These dens and hideaways were made from living structures such as willow pods and arches – their leafy, green walls being great places for children to play.

Down lights on the oak walls and steps beautifully highlighted the terraced structure of the garden in the evening, while up lights under the trees accentuated the grandeur of the woodland.

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