Terraced Garden, Radlett

Though the clients on this project had recently added a modern extension to their house, their large garden was dated and unkempt, not helped by an extensive, moss-covered rockery that was making access treacherous.

As keen gardeners with young children it was clear they would be spending a lot of time in their new garden, so we focused on developing a multi-faceted garden that would keep them interested and occupied throughout the year.

We made a feature of the garden’s slope, by designing three terraced levels of planting, with an open flight of steps running through it to the garden’s upper section. The perennial planting chosen was colourful and varied; creating an array of textures that led the eye.

Terraced Garden Radlett
Terraced Garden Radlett Julian Tatlock

Water became an important sensory feature of this garden. We designed a new waterfall at one end of the garden, which cascaded over rocks before running into a raised pool sunk into one of the terraces.

The pool doubled as a seating area around which the clients could sit and dip their feet, watch the fish, or share a cool drink in the sun. The upper level of the terrace opened out into a wide lawn, bordered by herbaceous plants.

We built a west-facing summerhouse where the clients could eat and entertain guests in the evening sunshine, and an inviting deck illuminated with inbuilt LED lights. Recessed lighting across the terraces created a warm nighttime atmosphere in the garden.