Front Garden, Radlett

Due to a restricted entrance and narrow driveway this large, sloping front garden felt restricted for space. To create an inviting welcome to visitors this front garden required a complete overhaul. Bespoke hardwood gates were built at the entrance of a new, sweeping driveway that opened onto a wide parking area.

One striking aspect of this front garden was its sylvan ‘sense of place,’ created by the mature, majestic silver birches, weeping willows and spreading Persian ironwood. We chose to accentuate the woodland character of the garden within my design.

We cleared away the dense undergrowth that had been left to run wild and had begun to stifle the impact of the trees.

Front Garden Radlett, Julian Tatlock

Beneath the tree canopy we planted bold drifts of bulbs through a new lawn to create a carpet of colour that evoked the feel of a forest floor, with Snowdrops and golden aconites flowering in the late winter followed by purple crocuses, blue wood anemones and yellow primroses in the spring.

In front of the house daffodils, tulips and purple alliums were planted to create an explosion of colour from March to late spring.

We designed a lighting scheme for the garden, including low-level inset lights to light the new driveway, and dramatic spotlights to shine high into the trees.

These reflected off the birches’ silver bark and lit up the long branches of the willows, creating a sense of grandeur fitting to the feel of the house.

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