Family Garden, Harpenden

This newly built family home had been built with a garden that was not easy to access, comprising a narrow strip of patio that was often in the shade, being bounded by a high retaining wall with unattractive metal steps and rails that led up to a sloping upper lawn.

Julian Tatlock Landscape Design have always enjoyed creating family gardens, because each family has its own personality, and it’s fun to try and reflect that in a garden.

Our clients on this project had young grandchildren, so primarily they wanted a garden that was easy for children to play in at family get-togethers.

Family Garden Harpenden
Family Garden Harpenden

The imposing retaining wall was removed to let in more sunlight and replaced with two terraced levels planted with aromatic lavenders and small grasses.

On the lower terrace a steel waterfall flowed into an ornamental pond creating a stunning focal point, particularly when lit at night and viewed from the family room.

To one side an elevated intimate seating area created a vantage point to view the garden.

A sloping cobbled path made from granite setts led to the top lawn, past a stainless steel sphere surrounded by tall grasses, verbenas and penstemons. Water flowed from the top of the sphere, introducing light and movement into the garden, and the opportunity for my client’s grandchildren to splash each other.

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