Contemporary Front Garden, Redbourn

This newly built detached house had an uninspiring patch of lawn at the front. The client wanted the front garden to be both eye catching and attractive all year round.

It may seem obvious but a garden without anything in it looks small because your eyes are immediately drawn to the boundaries. Include focal points, features, changes in height and planting and the space immediately feels more dynamic, varied and bigger.

Three ornamental trees were chosen to provide good all year round structure and height and screening. Acer griseum (Paperbark Maple) which has outstanding Autumn leaves and bark in winter, Magnolia soulangiana ‘Lennei’, purple pink flowers before the leaves unfold.

Betula utilis Jaquemontii, which has a light leaf canopy, skeletal, white outline in winter, very architectural.

Natural stone paths and a central lawn create strong lines through the garden, a seat allows you to take advantage of the late afternoon sun and enjoy the planting.

Contrasting sculptural shapes, cubes and spheres are mirrored in the containers and clipped box shapes.

In the evening subtle lights light up the trees showing of their bark and sculptural qualities, and warm light spills along the entrance path.