City Garden, London

The owners of this East London town house were a young, professional couple. Having recently refurbished, they wanted a stylish city garden that reflected both the modern interior and the Edwardian exterior of their house. Both keen cooks and lovers of Japanese culture, they also asked that our design include a culinary herb garden and subtle references to oriental style.

In small city gardens like this one, it’s possible to manipulate the space so that it seems larger than it is. Architectural planting of tree ferns, box balls and soft grasses created a dramatic focal point in the garden, and formed a visual screen.

Behind it Julian Tatlock Landscape Design built a cool, contemporary dining area, bounded by bespoke planters made from Balau hardwood, which doubled as storage space.

modern city garden with seating area doubling as storage space
modern city garden complete

We designed a lighting plan to add an atmospheric dimension to the city garden after sunset, and further expand the space.

A combination of subtle spots and dramatic up lighting highlighted the foliage and bark of the structural plants, creating a sense of depth and grandeur.

In Construction