serviceWhether you are looking to completely transform your garden or revamp an area in need of an uplift, our multi disciplined garden design consultancy offers you the following design and implementation services, either within the remit of a project approach or on an individual consultancy basis.


Garden Consultation

Where you have an established garden with a good design structure we can help to enhance, refurbish and renew elements of your garden.

A garden being an organic thing, it will require additional planting from time to time as well as on-going attention to keep it looking good.

Over time it may require modification as the use of the garden changes. It may be that the children’s play area is no longer required as they are now at university, and instead you would like an attractively designed border to enjoy as a beautiful back drop to your garden.

You might want atmospheric lighting installed, to have the work taken out of watering with an irrigation system, or to have an existing path or terrace extended.

As part of our garden consultation we will assess the general condition of your garden, existing plants and hard surfaces; establish your future requirements and develop design concepts along with landscaping, planting and garden styling proposals for you to consider.


Planting Plans

As part of an overall garden design, or as an individual service for a garden that is already well designed but in which the planting needs help, we can create planting plans to give your garden a new lease of life. We would provide you with planting plans to illustrate the proposed plant varieties and detail the quantities, as well as helping you with the sourcing, setting out and planting.

Colour, texture, scent and seasonality are key components of our planting, our designs combining plants that reflect the style, mood and aspect of your garden so that your garden looks beautiful in all seasons.



Our award winning landscape division takes pride in providing an outstanding service to our clients.

They will be responsible for constructing the hard landscaping elements and planting of your the garden.

Our experienced team of landscapers comprises skilled ground workers, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians and qualified horticulturalists.


Garden Management

The Julian Tatlock Landscape Design team will provide you with a schedule for all the new plants we have specified, including information on their characteristics, for example the flower colour and season of interest list, along with advice on how to care for your new plants.

To keep your garden looking at its best as it grows and evolves it is important to review its development on an annual or twice yearly basis, when plant performance can be assessed and remedial work identified.

From this garden review a garden management programme would be devised and implemented by our experienced horticultural team to provide such services as pruning and tying in shrubs and climbers, staking, lifting and dividing perennials and feeding, scarifying and cutting lawns.


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