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Choosing the best trees for a smaller garden

Trees for smaller gardens Most gardens have room for a tree, but if there is room for only one in your garden, which tree should it be? October is the best time to plant trees so if you are thinking about planting one and haven’t quite made up your mind, here’s a few ideas to help you choose. Choosing your tree As with all important partnerships in life, it is best not to fall in love with a tree from a picture, far better to get to know what it might be like to live with… Read More »

Designing rhythm and movement into your garden

With a succession of storms lashing us these past few weeks your garden may be looking a bit wind ravaged and waterlogged. Now though is a good time to take stock of your garden and perhaps look at ways to make your garden more inspiring for this spring and summer. But where do I start?   A good place is to consider some basic garden design principles. These include such things as; rhythm, repetition, balance, proportion, simplicity, unity, and focal points. Creating a rhythm to your garden will help create a natural flow and movement to your garden. Rhythm… Read More »