Contemporary Garden
St Albans

On this project the clients were daily commuters to London, whose busy lifestyles had come at the expense of their garden. Left untended a number of tree seedlings had taken root, which were blocking out the sunlight to the house and stifling the smaller plants. The brief was to design a light, low-maintenance, contemporary garden that my clients could entertain in.

The garden was opened up to let the sun in. We removed the saplings, then in the shade of the mature beech and sycamore trees we planted a contemporary parterre along with hellebores, camellias and other woodland shrubs and flowers. A modern cedar wood pergola led out of the shady area to a patio of riven-grey sandstone, chosen to complement the house’s contemporary exterior. Water murmured between two minimalist pools built into the patio, and across these a simple bridge led to the sunniest part of the garden. In this suntrap we built a courtyard, containing a summerhouse for cooler evenings, and a relaxing seating area.

Our clients loved entertaining, but their free time was limited. To maximize their enjoyment of their contemporary garden, we wanted it to be just as striking after dark. We designed an architectural lighting plan to illuminate the garden at night, highlight the sculptural shapes of the trees and create a magical atmosphere.

Project Gallery

contemporary garden before clearing
contemporary garden before build
contemporary garden under construction
wooden pergola and garden path in contemporary garden's construction phase
contemporary garden during construction
contemporary garden water feature under construction
wooden pergola and water feature in contemporary garden design
contemporary garden design complementing modern house exterior
contemporary garden paving
contemporary water feature with two calm pools
contemporary water feature with interconnected pools
contemporary pergola and garden paving
cobbled garden path in contemporary garden
garden path winding through pergola in contemporary garden design
pergola and paving design in contemporary garden
wooden pergola in contemporary garden
Contemporary garden with pergola
Contemporary garden with calming water feature