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Less is Moor when it comes to designing modern gardens

While we think of modern garden design as being a relatively recent development the modern principles of contemporary garden design;  simplicity, minimalism, geometry, water, structural planting and conservation can be traced back over a 1000 years, to the deserts of North Africa and the early gardens of southern Spain. To the Moors of North Africa, water was their most precious commodity and they were experts at designing ingenious ways in which to capture, store and irrigate their crops with it. Converted to Islam, they combined their engineering ingenuity with the style and spiritual practices of the… Read More »

Choosing the best trees for a smaller garden

Trees for smaller gardens Most gardens have room for a tree, but if there is room for only one in your garden, which tree should it be? October is the best time to plant trees so if you are thinking about planting one and haven’t quite made up your mind, here’s a few ideas to help you choose. Choosing your tree As with all important partnerships in life, it is best not to fall in love with a tree from a picture, far better to get to know what it might be like to live with… Read More »

Living the high life in a tree house

On top of the world Who hasn’t at least once dreamed of having a tree house hideaway, a hidden place of your own in the leafy branches of a majestic tree, from where you can look out over your world below? So when my daughter suggested that we could put her summer house, which until then had been in a shady corner of the garden, up into the branches of our cherry tree, it was just the excuse I was looking for. Our tree house plan became our shared dream. Children’s tree house A children’s tree house can be… Read More »

World Forest Day

World Forest Day 21 March 2014 Plants and animals are dependent on forests and woodlands for food and places to live and thrive, they give us shade and shelter, clean air and beautiful places to enjoy. With global commercial demand for forest products and nationally for new roads and rail links they are under pressure and need looking after. For World Forest Day, today or over the weekend, do something to celebrate and support our woodlands and forests: Perhaps, plant a tree, order a fruit tree for your garden, help the Woodland Trust with a donation,… Read More »

Architectural arches and arbours and garden gates

These custom designed, hand forged, metal gates and screens complete part of the garden design for a courtyard area within a larger garden in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.                        The rose motif within the metal work has been designed in an art deco style to reflect the name and historical rose connections of the house.                 We are currently completing a further phase of the garden for which these individual architectural garden structures have been commissioned. The inspiration for these garden elements is an… Read More »

Birds, bees and butterflies

At this time of year gardens should be havens for wildlife; they should be full of movement, alive with butterflies, moths and hoverflies, travelling from flower to flower, and with bees picking up pollen and nectar to take back to their hive. As the insects move from flower to flower, they pollinate other plants, including vegetables; squash and courgettes, fruits; apples and plums, and cherries, enabling these plants set seed or bear fruit. There are also other benefits to having insects around; hoverfly larvae hoover up aphids, in turn swooping Swifts, House Martins and bats… Read More »