World Forest Day

World Forest Day 21 March 2014

Plants and animals are dependent on forests and woodlands for food and places to live and thrive, they give us shade and shelter, clean air and beautiful places to enjoy. With global commercial demand for forest products and nationally for new roads and rail links they are under pressure and need looking after.

For World Forest Day, today or over the weekend, do something to celebrate and support our woodlands and forests:

Perhaps, plant a tree, order a fruit tree for your garden, help the Woodland Trust with a donation, or…











 Go for a walk in the woods

Visit a wood or forest near you, whether walking, cycling or foraging, there are thousands of beautiful woods and forests throughout the UK that you can go and visit, discover and explore;  my favourites include Ashridge Forest near Berkhamsted, the New Forest in Hampshire and Snowdonia’s, Gwydyr Forest near Conwy in North Wales were, according to legend,  lives a fabled dragon could Garog and is renowned for its’ 180-year-old Douglas firs and Norway spruces which give shelter: buzzards, goshawks, peregrines and merlin.




New Forest  Hampshire



Gwydyr Forest

Gwydr Forest Conwy Wales







Another favourite is the Kielder Forest in Northumberland at 250 square miles it is England’s largest forest.

Kielder is also England’s most important red squirrel reserve, home to the biggest remaining population of red squirrels in the country and home to Northumberland’s only breeding osprey population.

The dark skies and long horizons above Kielder are not only great for stargazers, but also for the many woodland species such as birds, bats, moths and insects which benefit from reduced light pollution.




So whether it is adventure or tranquillity or wildness and beauty you are after, then there is something for you in these awe-inspiring place.