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World Forest Day

World Forest Day 21 March 2014 Plants and animals are dependent on forests and woodlands for food and places to live and thrive, they give us shade and shelter, clean air and beautiful places to enjoy. With global commercial demand for forest products and nationally for new roads and rail links they are under pressure and need looking after. For World Forest Day, today or over the weekend, do something to celebrate and support our woodlands and forests: Perhaps, plant a tree, order a fruit tree for your garden, help the Woodland Trust with a donation,… Read More »

Architectural arches and arbours and garden gates

These custom designed, hand forged, metal gates and screens complete part of the garden design for a courtyard area within a larger garden in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.                        The rose motif within the metal work has been designed in an art deco style to reflect the name and historical rose connections of the house.                 We are currently completing a further phase of the garden for which these individual architectural garden structures have been commissioned. The inspiration for these garden elements is an… Read More »

Simplicity in garden design

In the same way that rhythm and repetition in a garden is relaxing on the eye, simplicity too brings its sense of calm and restfulness to a garden. A garden with a little of everything in it tends to create a chaotic muddle. If there are too many things going on, your eyes struggle to take it in and the garden becomes restless and uneasy on the eye. Simplicity in design follows the, less is more, motto of architect Mies van der Rohe, an early advocate of simplicity in design through his influence on the Bauhaus movement and championing of the… Read More »